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 The "King of Steaks", experience these amazingly tender cuts of beef like never before with a Wagyu Beef steak. The exceptionally high quality cuts we offer will surely not disappoint the taste buds 


 Nothing beats the taste of a slow-cooked tender Wagyu Roast. With Wagyu Beef, you will truly have a melt-in-your-mouth experience guaranteed to become a family favorite

Ground Beef

 Get the most out of your next back-yard outing with Wagyu Burgers or Sliders. Your family and friends will truly consider you a master of the grill with these simple, yet intensely flavorful and juicy favorites. 

What Is Wagyu Beef?

This high quality beef is produced from a specific Japanese breed of cattle called Wagyu. It is most easily recognized by the high levels of intramuscular fat called "marbling". This fat, however, is actually high in the more desirable healthy fats which contain high levels of oleic acid (mono-saturated fats). In fact, Wagyu beef has about a 300% increase in the ratio of healthy fat to saturated fats compared to other beef. This oleic acid found in Wagyu beef is clinically shown to increase the metabolism of cholesterol in humans. Cholesterol levels in Wagyu beef were also found to be a third of that found in fish, chicken, and turkey.

Wagyu beef also contains high amounts of linoleic acid which has been proven to have the following benefits: Contribution to weight loss, Improved immune system function, reduction of the risk of heart disease, reduction in risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as aid in the fighting of cancer.

With all of the health benefits this beef has to offer we can say with upmost confidence:


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Click This Picture For Sources