Our Story

Built From Passion

Founded in 2008, The Fly Farm began with Rebecca Fly’s passion for nurturing the plants and animals found in God’s green creation. Inspired by her mother Flavil Hatcher, a career biology teacher, Rebecca set out to create a sustainable business from the ground up. With determination and perseverance, and the help of her husband and three sons, the farm has grown exponentially since its inception. Beginning with only a few acres of flowers and vegetables, The Fly Farm has expanded into three different locations with over 270 acres housing all manner of flora and fauna. Most notably, the farm is known for its delectable Wagyu beef; a culinary treat for anyone who appreciates the finest steaks. We at The Fly Farm do our utmost to provide a quality, stress-free environment for our herd, helped greatly by veterinarian Dr. Brad Fly and master beef producer Aaron Fly. Each member of our family contributes uniquely to our operation, driven by the desire to serve our customers and our community in the best way we know how. Founding the farm with nothing but a dream and a prayer, we have been truly blessed, and we pour that faith right back into every day we spend on the farm.

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